Our courses:

English courses:
General English course - This is our first and most common course. It can be adjusted for adults or young learners.
This course is divided to 5 levels (elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, pre advanced, advanced). The course is not related to biological age, but to the student’s English level.
This course is a very comprehensive course and the curriculum includes grammar, vocabulary, spelling and phonetics and so.
This course is highly recommended for those who are quite new to the English studies.
Business English course - This unique course is intended only for businessmen or for student who wants to enter the business field. The curriculum is adjusted specifically for people who work or plan to work in that field.
This course is also a great opportunity for small business owners to increase their market share by appeal to new companies or institutes which demand basic English from their cooperators. (30\40\60 hours)
Special course by interests – The modern life and the "global village” requires us to be more professional and communicative if we want to succeed and to be better than our competitors. One of the ways to do it is to improve our language skill (most of the big companies nowadays demand from their workers to have at least a basic knowledge in English).
All the industries in Asia in general and particularly in Thailand, invest a lot of time and money in order to improve their workers language skills.
In this course we’ll teach the students all the terms of their specific occupation. This course is highly recommended for workers in the tourist\insurance\real estate\show biz areas and for many other fields of activity.
Customized courses - A great option for those managers who looks for a different kind of course which will be based on a designated knowledge, related to the specific field of their own company\school\ institute\office and so.
The materials for this course will be formulated prior the course by the manager and the training consultant.
The duration of this course will be decided according to the specific demands of the business.
"Born in the U.S.A” - A new surprising modernized course that teaches English in a different experiential way. This course includes a lot of knowledge about the U.S.A culture and history, from Hollywood to the white house and everything in between…
The students will improve their English while enjoying taking part in a great enlightening experience.
This course is for intermediate or advanced student and will focus on vocabulary.
The teacher of this course will be a Native American teacher.
The materials will include songs, video clips, special sessions and so. (30 hours)
"London calling” - Another new fascinating course, for intermediate\ advanced students. This course will expose students to one of the most powerful and influencing nations in the modern history. The United Kingdom ruled a lot of countries\territories around the globe, and the influences are clearly visible today (The wide distribution of the English language is one of those influences).
In this course beyond the enrichment of the personal vocabulary, the students will also learn about the history and culture of this absorbing nation. We will learn hundreds of terms related to this country, from the Beatles to the royal family and from Beckham to fish & chips.
The teacher of this course will be a native British teacher.
We completely sure, that you won’t forget this course for long. (30 hours)
Pre-school English course - As we all know, it is much easier to acquire language skills at an early age, for that reason we’ve developed a special course for the younger kids which will give them the base for their future English studies.
This course is taught by a teacher who’s specialized in early childhood education and knows exactly how to cause the young children to take part in all the activities.
This course is based on activities and games, unlike the adult courses which based more on reading, writing, speaking and listening.(30\40 hours).
One week intensive (but enjoyable) course - A great opportunity for those who really want to improve their English, but don’t really have the time. This course will take place in a nice and peaceful location in Thailand or in the neighboring countries. (If you insist we’ll do it here in Bangkok…J).
This course can be planned for every month of the year, so now it’s really depends on your decision…
The accommodation and all associated will be organized by us.
This course is a real great social formation and it can be an experience of a lifetime. This course can adjust families\ companies\group of friends\reunion and many other occasions.
***A free one hour lesson will be given to anyone who’s interested in one of our courses without any commitment!!!***
Chinese courses:
General Chinese course
Level 1 – 4
The beginning level is suitable for students who have no basic Chinese foundation by emphasizing on the daily Chinese vocabulary by the native Chinese teachers. Students will learn how to pronounce the Chinese consonants, vowels, mixed vowels and the words and the pin-yin is being introduced. After completing the course, students are able to read and write pin-yin correctly and clearly with having recognized 200 – 250 vocabulary. They can also converse in Chinese with their classmates interactively by constructing the sentences with the learning vocabulary.
Level 5 - 8
The aim of this intermediate level is to introduce the daily vocabulary, which is more difficult and complicated than the beginning level (level 1 – 4). Students will have a lot of chances to practice the conversations from the dialogues in different situations; therefore, they can get familiar with the dialogues and can speak Chinese more fluently.
Level 9 – 12
The aim of this advanced level is to introduce more complicated than the intermediate level (Level 5 – 8). Students will have chances to practice the business oriented conversation from the dialogues in different situations. After completing the course, students can interact with the Chinese people fluently in any kinds of topics since they will apply 2500 – 3500 words for daily speaking.
**Many Chinese courses are available, a full list will be sent on demand**
Other special services:
Private Home Teaching – Help the students to do the homework and tutor them for grade boosting.
Translation Express – Service the documents translation by expert translators in different languages, such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Japanese, Korean etc.
Counseling for studying abroad – advise students for obtaining oversea education from high school to doctoral degrees.
English Teachers Recruitment – Service schools for recruiting the well-qualified English and Chinese native teachers.
English Camp – Provide the English camp doing many interesting and fun activities inside and outside of Thailand.
A picture is worth a thousand words

List of corporate customers

Private Companies and government bank

1. Good Year Company Limited

Our qualified Chinese Interpreters were sent to Good Year Company Limited for assisting the QC Manager. They helped him to communicate with the Chinese Officers to investigate the quality of the Good Year tires. The purpose of this meeting was to check whether its tires are up to the standard Chinese government suitable to import to China.


2. M.B.J. Enterprise Company Limited

Our qualified native English teacher conducted the Business English course for the executive level about 10 people. The classes were well organized and the teacher provided a lot of information and knowledge to his students. After finishing the course, students are able to use the English words more proficient and properly. They feel more confident to communicate in Business English and learnt a lot of things from the teacher for language, cultures, food and traditions.


3. Computer Knitting Machine Service Center Ltd

C.E.N.’s Chinese teacher taught the Chinese Basic conversation to about 10 employees. Students are more confident and able to use the basic Chinese words to construct the sentences for questions, negative and affirmative.


4. Agel Enterprise Company Limited

Mr. Dave Emsther Devera was the teacher for conducting everyday business English. This course was full of joy and happiness. Students were gaining the opportunities to learn English with different approaches by playing different roles for the situational scenario.


5. S.C. Tutor

C.E.N.’s teachers taught S.C.Tutor ’s employees from the beginning level to the advanced level from basic English conversational courses to the advanced business English courses.


6. Good Team Company Limited

Our qualified native English teacher was assigned to teach top executives for advanced business English course. This course focused on conversation using intensive business terms, the impressive and professional presentations in English and how to write letters in the professional manners.


7. Krungthai Electrics Company Limited

C.E.N. ’qualified teachers as a team were assigned to teach business English courses for executives based on one-to-one basis so that the executives can sharpen their skills for speaking, listening, reading and writing. They were analyzed by our teachers to summarize for their strengths or weaknesses in order to be assessed and improve the skills they are weak in. After finishing the courses, executives are assessed and the result of evaluation showed that they have made the big progress after being trained intensively for 3 months.


8. Charoen pokphand Foods (บริษัทเจริญโภคภัณฑ์)

Our Chinese teaching teams were honored to teach Chinese courses to CPF employees. They were assigned to teach two courses per group. The first course focused on basic Chinese conversation, and the second course was based on elementary Chinese conversation. The Chinese teachers taught the employees for pinyin, basic Chinese for greeting, weather, daily routines, animals, food, fruits, vegetables, body parts, numbers, dates, months, and year, bargain, etc. The Chinese courses were conducted in both Bangkok and outside of Bangkok.


9. ธ.ออมสินแห่งประเทศไทย

Government saving bank was giving C.E.N.’s teaching team members to arrange the workshops for the GSB’s employees to celebrate the Christmas and New Year party. These special workshops encouraged the employees to have the confidence speaking English with the foreign teachers in the comfortable atmosphere. The students were encouraged to talk and to play games for winning the prize. The workshop was very interesting, and everybody tried to speak English all the time. It was successful for C.E.N. to arrange the workshop for this Christmas special occasion.


10. Ablaze Star Company Limited

The course was geared toward the basic to Elementary English conversation. There were about five people in this class. The teacher made the class so lively, knowledgeable and comfortable. Every student was enthusiastic about learning English and would like to talk in English with the teacher for every minute. The overall teaching evaluation satisfactory and the progress of each student have shown the tremendous improvement on their English abilities, especially listening, and speaking.